Our Glass Replacement Is Guaranteed Against Breakage Forever


Does this mean that our glass never breaks? No, of course not.

All glass can be broken. Everything can be broken, even a heart.

What it does mean is that if the panel of glass breaks again for ANY reason, we will replace it entirely FREE OF CHARGE.


As with every spectacular offer, some conditions do apply:

  • We will replace the panel under the warrantee once only.
  • The customer must produce our invoice or receipt bearing our name relating to our initial repair.
  • We will replace the free panel during normal working hours within 5 working days.
  • Warranty does not include the cost of hire of any lifting equipment or of tradespeople other than glaziers, or of any emergency and temporary securing services.
  • Applies to jobs of value less than $1,000.
  • An administration fee of $45 will apply.
  • Change of remitter nullifies this Warranty.
  • We will still try to smile (hopefully not with a fake one) as we laboriously work to do your panel for free, but no promises.